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Time to Say Goodbye- But with one last opportunity

Hi Folks

This is the Self Defence Expert signing off for his last blog!

Well on this site anyway- As of next week all of my posts will be on which is up but being devloped as we speak. It will be the site I always wanted it to be. Full of reviews, articles and videos.

Now to sign off I will show you a previous article I wrote below which is about Jamie Clubbs amazing seminar he calls Vagabond Warriors.  This is on 28/4/12 at Telford, see the link to get the details

I have personally seen this guy in action and he knows his stuff. Even if you dont belive me check out his amazing promo video below, read the review and sign up. Don’t delay. This could change your martial arts forever!


The Self Defence world is changing. For many outside the industry this will mean nothing and not effect you in any significant way. However the truth is that right now a revolution is going on behind the scenes. Where this revolution will end I am not sure however some of the most amazing minds in self defence are raising their game. This of course adds to a great side effect: others will follow and keep pushing the boundaries. This will take self defence instruction to the next level. This is what I refer to as the ‘Elite’ level. This post concerns one such expert, Mr Jamie Clubb. It is both a review of his methods and his new Vagabond Warrior Seminar that I took part in on 25/2/12 at kyushinkai Karate in Telford. Jamie is pushing his game to the next level. But what would happen if you put 2 experts in the same room and what would by my thoughts about his skills, his teaching and more importantly his new seminar the Vagabond Warriors.

It was strange to arrive and see Jamie Clubb in person for the first time. He wouldn’t consider himself a celebrity however I have been reading Jamies articles for some years now. I first got switched onto his writing in Martial Arts Illustrated and liked his approach. He seemed a student more than an instructor in those days but as I found out more, it was clear he was simply going on a journey with various other martial artists to enhance his game and learning from Self Defence legends like Geoff Thompson and Mo Teague. What this means is that he has gained a lot of experience which has no doubt been mixed with his own views and opinions.

The point I’m making is that for me this was actually a chance to meet with another expert in the field of self defence, having two experts at any event can be strange especially when one becomes the student to the other. However I have always been keen to add to my knowledge and Jamie I feel was a wise choice for me to train with. My ‘cup’ has never been full, I am always looking for new input. So let’s get going this is my review on Jamie Clubb’s Vagabond Warriors seminar.

Vagabond Warriors Review

The Seminar started some time prior to the actual date. Jamie has developed a very unique method using Facebook where by he delivers constant information to the group prior to attending. This is excellent, entertaining and exactly what I expect from someone who will be at the front of the new revolution of self defence. It is almost like the modern version of a course pre read.The course itself was very easy to register. An on line payment system and a course code allowed Jamie to get my deposit and for my place to be guaranteed, this made life easy and again had a very professional feel to it. As I found the venue I got a parking space on a good sized parking lot. Again this made life very easy. The venue itself was amazing, great facilities with pads, mats, an classroom and even a cage. This was a very professional school, in fact the whole process so far had been very well oiled. I was officially impressed. At this stage everything was well polished and professional but would it continue?

The Vagabond Warriors is a very unique course and to be honest I wont tell you exactly what is involved because I know the content will change, however I will discuss the overall feeling of the course and what I gained from it. The idea of this post should be to allow you to make an informed decision about your training and if you would like to get Jamie down to your club or class or if you would like to attend his seminars.

The course began with a good classroom input, very polished via power point and including some great concepts. Then it was a day spent on the mat and in the cage with a few further class room inputs included. The course is packed with drills but most importantly if you were to ask me what it is all about I would say “the Vagabond Warriors is about discovering and developing a personal system of self protection that is for yourself. It is a course that will provide structure and ideas about your own training and your goals and as an instructor helping your students do the same. In many ways it is about linking your martial arts training, your sport/fitness training and your self defence training together.”

Jamie has come up with a very impressive and clever idea here. The battle for most martial artists is always what to focus on and why. The Vagabond Warriors is designed to help you process the ever growing information out there so you can become a better martial artist. Its not a self help course, its not a self defence course and its not a MMA course yet it delves into all these areas. Although I know Jamie wouldn’t like me identifying the self help part but Jamie is actually delving into this subject. Not in relation to your personal problems or your life goals but solidly focusing on your Martial Arts Ability. To be honest I actually liked this part of the course a lot. Jamie has some really unique concepts here that will immediately get you mentally asking questions of yourself.

I am certain there is no course like this one as Jamie seems to have found a way for the modern martial artist to focus on their training and get the most out of it. The course really is a guide on how to do this. From fitness to attribute training. You will learn how to construct training drills, improve existing drills and how to reflect on your training.The course is a fantastic value for money event as it will help you to make the most of your own training. I highly recommend it to anyone who is currently a martial artist.

To finish I have posted some video below of Jamie. He has thrown down the gauntlet for training seminars and to be honest has given me a level to aim for when I put my own seminar together this year.

To end the blog check out the footage and I will end with this note:

Vagabond Warriors is a course that is designed to teach you how to get the most value from your martial arts training. If you are spending money on your training right now and want to maximise your money then check out his course, it will help you develop as a martial artist and will give you concepts and ideas that you will be able to use straight away. I cannot imagine anyone that wouldn’t walk away from this course feeling pleased. It has a strong value for money feel that will add value to your current training. Jamie doesn’t say ‘do it this or that way’ instead it is about finding you own way and then focusing on this. All the drills are designed around this and so is the input. I have come away from the course with new ideas and thoughts and highly recommend you either attend or book the course for your students.

Here’s the video and remember keep safe

Andrew Holland

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Big News for the Expert Blog


This is a short article to explain what’s going on with both my website and this blog.

If you are a visitor to my site then you will notice its been Changing a lot. To be honest when I set it up I didn’t have any reason other than to have some fun and use it to promote seminars and a club I ran at the time.

I stoped running that club and have learned a lot more about the web etc and myself. I then started a free WordPress blog to share my views and the views of others in relation to self defence. I never thought I would get the response I have in the last 3 months.

As a result I have decided to focus on the blog and article side more. I feel this is the best way forward for me at this time.

So be prepared for in the next 7 days the new site gets launched on the self defence and will bring this blog with it. Making it bigger than ever.

I’ll keep you posted

Keep safe


The Reality of Knife Attacks- Shocking Video Included

The knife or edged weapon is perhaps one of the most dangerous things a person can face in their life. The reason for this is that the edged weapon (which I will refer to as  a knife but can by anything sharp) turns even the most unskilled person into a potential killing machine. They are readily available and are cheap. Most kitchens will have an arsenal of knives that in the wrong hands become tools that can result in the loss of life.

Now there are a range of courses out there that offer solutions to this, in fact entire martial arts and self defence systems have been created just to deal with the threat of knives. Its big business.  People will pay a lot of money to learn how to deal with the threat of knives. So what do I think, what does the writer of the fastest growing and most controversial martial arts blog on the web think? Well to be honest my view point on knife defence is surprisingly simple:

“Everything can work in an instructors mind, however not everything will work for the individual student”

Now to be honest that a bit of a rip off from Hock Hockenhiem’s comment of “Everything works sometimes, nothing works all the time” or words to that effect.( I heard this from someone who attended the seminar he taught, if its incorrect sorry Hock). I really liked it and got thinking about the comment and devised my own interpretation. The reason for my variation is that I believe that many instructors are creating techniques in their own mind. They get a rubber knife, create a technique, then get a friend to try and slash them and pressure test if it works. Now depending on the nature of the pressure test you get an assessment of the techniques ability to perform under pressure.

There is nothing wrong with pressure testing however something that most instructors are missing out in their equations are

  1. The Affects of Adrenaline and Stress
  2. The actual ability of the student
  3. The injuries from the blade
 These 3 components are essential when designing any drill or technique. Adrenaline will cause a wide range of chemical and physical responses in the human body. The ability of the student will vary depending on skill, fast twitch muscle fibres, awareness levels and levels of intoxication. The big factor here is also the injuries from the blade. If you defend yourself against a knife you need to expect to get injured, expect to get cut and expect to get hurt. After each cut there will be consequences that affect your ability to fight. Such as the knife that slices you tendons in your hand as you grab the blade to stop it entering you. Granted, grabbing the blade isn’t ideal but its better than getting stabbed, however once you have done this the hand you grabbed is out of action. You may also suffer cuts and injuries that reduce the actual bodies ability to deal with stress including blood loss, punctured lungs and much much more. Its a bit like the Carlson Gracie comment “Hit a black belt in the head and he becomes a brown belt”.
Knife defence training can offer some very good techniques that could help you defend your life. The great danger though is again from the instructors. You need to make the student very aware that when faced with a blade the best option is always escape. If you have to go hands on then expect to get hurt and expect to get injured. Teaching knife defence is a difficult subject and I know there are many courses that are very good out there, however for every good trainer and system there will be many that are totally unrealistic and even dangerous. We must never increase the students self belief that they can take a person on that has a knife and defeat them like a action film star.
I hope and pray that more quality courses dominate the market place and the ones who teach blasé bolt ons for knife defence are embarrassed enough to either review what they teach and improve it or stop their training entirely.
As I say to all instructors “teach what you know will work, not what you think will work”
Here are the videos, look at the speed of the attack and also the way the attacker closes down the cops. Even guns dont help the police in the videos

Until next time keep safe


Sorry the blog isn’t ready yet

Sorry folks for those that got a sneak preview of my latest blog entry but it was a technical error.

The latest article is due soon and it is pretty cool.

Again sorry and I promise it will be worth the wait.

The One Tip That Will Improve Your Skills Today- Video Included

Training isn’t easy, fighting isn’t easy. Those that disagree either haven’t faced enough opponents or aren’t pushing themselves hard enough.

If you are looking to make improvements to your game here is one tip from Judo that will help. Its called Uchikomi or repetitive practise. The idea is that you drill a technique over an over again with enough power and ‘snap’ that if you didn’t stop it would simply be a powerful throw or lock etc. Now there are numerous ways to use uchikomi such as stationary or moving to name but a few. However if you want to add a good deal of skill to your ability then start training with that ‘snap’ and explosive vigour. Don’t just go through the motions, power your way in and feel the strength in your technique. Training like this will push you harder and gain you improvements far quicker than you can imagine.

So if you are drilling techniques, drill them with snap and effort to make your training as close to the real thing as possible. No matter if you do Judo, BJJ, boxing, RBSD Karate or anything in between. Need proof check out the short videos below. They are amazing. The idea is to make your training motions as real as possible so the real event is as close to your own training as it can be:

The first is called actually throwing practice but you can see the sheer power of the technique the second is uchikomi. Both videos show the snap and drive these fighters train with.



The Bulgarian Smashing Machine- Georgi Georgiev

A few years ago I was getting lost, lost in martial arts that is.

I had done boxing for so long, done Vale Tudo and submission grappling to name but a few. I had done Judo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu but I was getting bored. I needed to have that spark lit again.

It was a chance discussion with another Judoka that led me to a small club run by Georgi Georgiev. He was a quiet man and of similar build to me so after a few warm up techniques we started to roll. Then it hit me. This guy was Elite level! He tossed me around like a rag doll and tapped me out at will. That was the first session of hundreds I have done with my now very good friend Georgi Georgiev.

I knew nothing about him when I first met him, but since that first session I have become humbled by this giant of grappling, and to be honest, shocked! His academy located in Congleton Cheshire should be packed out, however as this man is so humble few people know about him, he really doesn’t ever promote himself at all but trust me he is an amazing grappler and an amazing teacher. Even if you don’t trust me here are a few opinions you can be sure to trust.

“George Georgiev has done it again, showing his great knowledge of the sport. His gripping on the DVD is what the people in the sport as been waiting for! It’s a must of all grades to buy and try to improve their gripping”.- Steve Pullen . MBE 6th dan.

“Georges gripping skills are second to none and as a left handed fighter he is instantly in a dominant position to outgrip any right handed fighters…if you want to learn gripping from a master buy this video”.Steve Ravensroft former 5 times british champion

“I have been practicing with george for three years and everyone knows about my gripping skills! and george is one of only a few judoka that gives me trouble , his knowledge of gripping tactics is excellent, valuable tournament info,defo worth a look,”
nick kokotaylo 6th dan,LA,Olympics 1984.

These people know their stuff. Georgi is a former international Judo player and Bulgarian  National Champion in both Judo and Sambo.

Check out for more information about Georgi. He has  a new DVD out called The Grip Fighting Work Shop. This is just £10 and goes into the details of grip fighting for all Jacket sports such as BJJ and Judo etc. Georgi is in Cheshire so be sure to check him out and his academy at

Check out the trailer and Georgis videos below.

Keep safe

Pro Boxing Coaches Top Ten Tips for Developing Power Punches- KO video included

Hi Folks this post is a great guest post from my father and pro boxing coach Neil Holland. He has coached amateurs and professionals (including champions in both categories), been a Inspector for the boxing board of control and been a boxing journalist, in short he has been around boxing since he was 17 and now he is nearing 60 he is sharing his knowledge for free here, he has mixed with and coached national champions and great boxers. This is a great post and there are more coming soon. Check out the great knock out video at the bottom as well.


1. Improve and work on defence.

Why? This will give you more opportunities and better positions.


2. Improve your footwork

Why. This will compliment your defence and improve your striking positions.


3. Use weights to train for speed not muscle. (Less weight, more reps, in shorter times)

Why? Muscle strength dissipates with muscle fatigue. Correct whole-body mechanics delivers power more through technique than strength and is still there during fatigue.

4. Practise punching that involves rotation of the body.

Why? This generates good technique that feeds off good speed and footwork.


5. Concentrate on fitness and conditioning.

Why? Believe me everything in performance comes off the back of this.


6. Learn the difference between pulled punches and driven punches.

Why? Pulled punches follow the commitment of the body direction. The body weight pulls the punch through and accelerates it like a hammer thrower does. The driven punch uses the body weight to push the punch into the opponent. Both are much more powerful than arm punching alone.


7. Learn the difference between weight balanced evenly on both legs and weight transferred over the front leg or the back leg.

Why? This is a crucial sensation to master because it leads to small, fast and powerful shifts of body weight that enhance the punch. It seems an obvious skill but this subtle mastery is crucial to control of power involving timing.


8. Master timing. Learn to punch as the target moves towards you or onto any favoured shot. It will amplify the power you already have.

Why? It’s the car crash principle, the combining of the mass of two bodies plus their acceleration.

9. Lie on your back with shoulders flat on the floor and punch upwards.

Why? This will show you how power punching relies on body mechanics and is the best way to remind anyone that  simply jumping on the weights does not deliver best power. You will feel useless and robbed of nearly all power. Try it!

10. Get a good coach with a good analytical ability regarding technique.

Why. The sculptor Michelangelo  was once asked how he carved such beautiful sculptures. He said that he didn’t, he merely chipped away at the block of marble until the sculpture revealed itself……..You already have what God has given you. Find a good coach who can help you to blossom! It will not come in a weekend, but it WILL come if you work at it.

until next time keep safe

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