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Discounted Martial Arts DVD’s

December 7, 2011

Hi folks,

Times are tough at the moment and yes I’m feeling it as well. This means we all have to be smarter with our cash and hobbies will tend to be cut down, or pulled back on.

I have driven hundreds of miles through countless traffic jams to get to training, burning fuel and cash along the way. It’s a common storey so as a result many are home training as well to avoid countless trips to the gym or dojo.

I have been lucky, I know several local world class Instructors who I could go to at almost any day of the week. However not everyone is that lucky. Therefore people will start to train at home more.

To support this are books and dvds but to be honest there are literally thousands to chose from, and ive wasted a lot of cash on pure crap.

To help people out I’ve teamed up with some massive names in martial arts to bring you their dvds and books at a massive discount. These are Dvds from the best, no crap just pure quality.

I’ll only pass these discounts on to my mailing list, so if you want a discount go to and sign up for my free newsletter. You are going to get the first product released over the next few days, its a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu DVD and its going to raise your game.

The discount is going to be massive so if you have BJJ players that are friends email them with the site details or share the site on their Facebook page. You won’t want them to miss out.

Morw details will follow.

Keep Safe


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