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Grappling with a purpose

December 7, 2011

Hi folks its Andy here from I hope you are all well.

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However I just wanted to tell you about my training last night, despite recovery from a chest infection not going to plan I went to Russian Sambo training at Georgiev MMA Academy. Georgi Georgiev is a beast on the mat and gave me a telling off, he told me to stop falling to my back. I was doing what BJJ guys call pulling guard, it was lazy of me as I was accepting a weaker position. Not a great habit to get into. The result was Georgi smashed my guard and destroyed me.

When you grapple with someone like that it feels as if you have ten tons on you. However the point i want to get over to you is that you have to train with a purpose. I was being lazy, I forgot that grappling in any form is about determination and real self defence. That is why you have to grapple and train with a purpose.

Train as if you are fighting next month against a ufc champion
Train as if you are protecting your life
Train as if you are protecting your family
Train as if you are protecting your reputation.

Now this doesn’t mean you need to rip your opponent or training partner apart. It means focus on your training! If its sweeps aim to get it right, if its throws put 100% concentration into it.

Even if you never want to compete think about self defence situations, in other word focus, don’t be lazy and give it your best effort.

That’s all for now, I was lazy last night. I should know better but it happens, I wasn’t very well and used it as an excuse. I shouldn’t have trained and I know better but mistakes happen.

Learn from my mistakes folks, train when you are well. Then give your all.

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