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The Discount DVD Link and Preparing for Grappling Combat

December 9, 2011

Hi folks, firstly I wont beat around the bush, at the bottom of this article is a link to a product. Click on it and you should be sent to the page for Pedro Sauers dvd. This is being sold at a discount. I came across this product some time ago but now can supply it at a discount via the link. Pedro Sauer is one hell of a BJJ player and he is considered among the best instructors in the world. The dvd is a massive set and you will see some of it via  you tube clip attached. At the end of the day its your choice if you want the product however I consider it an investment into your training. I wont give any of you the hard sell, just take a look. I know I will be treating myself this year and this is the product for me, its available for a limited time at this price then it goes up. So if you really want to learn from the best then here is a great chance.

Heres the link


I do however want to briefly talk about how you need to prepare for grappling combat. many will say that you need to prepare for grappling combat (regardless of if its for the street or a competition) by doing more grappling classes. That certainly isn’t the case. Although training often will help you that’s not all you should be doing. Its about training smarter and not harder. It isn’t well known however I jumped a few belts in Judo simply because I was training smarter. The downside was that i got to black belt quicker and I still had to use this process to allow me to compete against good quality players.  However its not a bad downside.

This fast tracking was done by a careful process that I will briefly cover for you here. I call it my grappling game book. I started writing in it from day one of my grappling career and I am well into my 4 th note book now, packed full of all my notes. I used this same approach in several areas of my life to achieve the things I wanted most and its worked every time.


I will give my main process in detail for free on my next blog so look out for it. I will reveal my actual training notes, what I write and when and what the results were, good and bad. So this article will hopeful wet your appetite as my next blog will blow the roof off how I got my judo black belt in less than 3 years and how I jumped grades and gave a 4 th Dan black belt the fight of his career.


Hope you enjoy and remember here is the link for the dvd

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