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Discount BJJ DVD Link fixed and My Personal Grappling Development Plan

December 10, 2011

Ok, Im sorry but he link for the discount dvd is playing up hopefully this is it here

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My Grappling Development Plan

I stated yesterday that I would share my personal development plan on how I improve my grappling game, and other areas of my life. However this is my personal grappling development plan, how I set it up and what goes into it.

Start by getting yourself a decent notebook,make sure it has a hard front and back because this book will travel with you and last years.

The first thing I do is to write on the inside of the cover exactly what the book is for, for example I wrote “Judo Development Book” and “Judo Dan Grade study” for the second book I used after I got my black belt. The book title is important and you shouldn’t write anything in it that doesn’t involve te subject you are writing about. remember this is the power of focus.

Ok now there are a few rules you need to follow when writing the book. You need to do this after training, either after the class finishes or if you feel more comfortable when you get home. This is a massive important part of the programme. You need to write in the book what you have learned today. Go into as much detail as you can, now I say this because memory fades and this is an important step. Use stick drawings if you have to if it helps but make sure you get the techniques down.

This isn’t just common sense its financial sense. If you pay say £30 a month to attend a Judo or Jiu Jitsu class you want to make the most out of it. As a result by writing down the techniques you get to maximise your investment. If you were at University and attended a lecture you would write notes, or a meeting etc. Martial artists just don’t seem to bother but if you do I tell you that your skills will progress more quickly.

So we are clear step 1- Write what you learn in class

STEP 2- Create a plan

In the book you need to write a plan, it doesn’t matter where it is but you need that plan. It is going to be detailed so make sure you have enough room. It is a break down of the techniques you use or want to use. It doesn’t matter if you know them very well, however it is what you want to learn.

Start with a complete breakdown of your ground game and standing game. For example:


Closed Guard-

First technique- Closed Guard Choke

Take the right hand and place it into the opponents left collar deep. Then pull my forearm under his jar and across the throat, my other arm goes around the back of the neck to put on the strangle. Not very successful but a great set up for the next move………..

I would then write down my next move in the sequence so I have a 123 attack sequence.  I do this for every position and I start from my gripping sequences all the way to my half guard and I cover every position. This detail allows me to focus on my game plan.

Step 2 is-  Create and Write the game plan down, that is something that should take you a while but trust me its worth it.

 Now for the third and final step-

STEP 3- Train and study the plan

This is where you study your plan in more detail, you want everything to be automatic so you need to focus on these moves, as a result when you get top a position everything will be automatic, you wont think about a  move it will happen, submissions will be automatic and so will submission combinations. This will increase your success, but you need to train the plan.

I will go into more detail in my next post on how to cement your grappling development plan so everything happens automatically. However remember get a book and start writing, without the written word nothing ever happens. You can sit there and do nothing and not bother to do this process, however let me tell you the best in the world make a plan like this in every area of their life. You need plans to build very structure in the world, people plan their pensions and mortgages, people plan their lives so things happen when you want them to. Therefore it makes sense to plan your grappling career, no matter what level you are at.

And dont forget here is the link again for the great discount dvd from Pedro Sauer if its not working then go to my website its in the products page

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