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Training your plan and Building a grappling dummy

December 15, 2011

Hi folks,

Once again thanks for reading. If you have been following this blog you will be now thinking of  your own development plan. It doesn’t matter if it for your grappling, striking or any other activity however it s a great idea. The main thing you should be doing is taking notes, detailed notes after your classes and also developing a written plan of you game breaking it down bit by bit. Now assuming you read my last post on how to design your game I thought Id  tell you how to train your game plan and reveal some of my secrets. This allowed me to attain by Judo black belt quickly (under 3 years).

I use various training methods to make sure my plan is engrained into my mind and my muscle memory. Remember  that having a plan is only the first step. You have to make everything automatic.

1. Visualise –

Visualisation is free and I use it a lot in my training however it has its limits when done alone as such I add it to shadow boxing or shadow grappling. When i do these activities although there is no resistance involved it will allow your muscles to remember the moves and you can have a good focused workout. Simply see in your mind the techniques and imagine you are in a real fight.

2. Partner Drills-

Of course the best activity to train your plan is to find a willing training partner, one that will let you drill your plan.

3. Grappling dummies-

This is my secret weapon. I’ve been using a self made grappling dummy for years and it allows me to get my techniques right without the need for a partner.  Now these dummies come at a hefty price so Ill explain how I made mine and give you a link to a site which has another version.

step 1- I used a mechanics all in one boiler suit for mine body, it was easy and I aimed for a large teddy bear type feel.

step 2- I used bedding, yes just bedding that you find inside old quilts to stuff mine. Taping up the ends of the suit

step 3- I used a pillow for the head, my boiler suit had a hood attached to it so it was an easy fit.

Step 4- I used football socks for the feet, again stuffed

Step 5- Final step is to tape all of it together, lots of heavy duty tape.

You will need to repair this a lot but it works great and the idea is to get a good workout and drill your game plan.

Here is another link that you may find useful of  a site that has another version of a home made grappling dummy

Now the end result of all these aspects that you will do means your moves become natural and work in an instant.To see how they work here is a clip form my judo match. Notice that I transition into my rolling bow and arrow choke or okuri eri jime quickly. Now I will add that I didn’t win this match. I lost by one penalty which is pretty close, the strangle you will see was ruled disallowed as part of the gi was on my opponents mouth. I was a little annoyed at this as my strangle hand was so deep he tapped. But that’s Judo for you. The point is that the move was on and it was on fast. If there is an issue with the link just head over to my site at the self defence to see the clip

The aim of all your planning should be to make your game fast. so fast that the opponent cant react to the techniques you use.

Hope you enjoy the post

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  1. Certainly your opponent clearly tapped out but if the cloth was on his face he would not count. indeed that is judo for you but consider if this was a fight with the opponent wearing a TShirt okuri erijimi would be difficult in anycase. I agree about taking notes after a class. I did this a lot in the early days of Shinjido. Not only would I visulise tequniques in my head (unfortunately when I should be sleeping) but invariably new skills would reveal themselves during the session. Although I teach judo at seminars there is but a fleeting comparison because I work on different principles. Wihout meaning to blow my own trumpet, most of those that attend a seminar claim to come away inspired. Hopefully in due course we shall meet on the mat. Meanwhile my best wishes.

    • Danny to have a champion such as yourself even view my Judo match let alone comment on it is amazing and I am always grateful. Next year I am planning my time so I can get up and Sample many different instructors and Shinjido is a must do for me next year. Thanks for the feedback.

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