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Masac – The New Fighting Process

December 26, 2011

Hi folks, wow what a tough few weeks its been. I’ve been fighting off a terrible chest infection but I’m over the worst however I have lost a ton of fitness so Ill be back hard at training very soon.  With this in mind I thought Id share we you my plans for 2012.

Firstly I will be releasing the Grip Fighting Workshop on DVD with my great friend Georgi Georgiev. This dvd will blow your socks off as it really is a grip fighting gem. It reveals exactly how you can make yourself a better Judo or Sambo and BJJ player by using grips. You will also soon be receiving my free ebooklet on how I lose my weight for combat events. Hopefully in the next few days.

My personal goals are to train in Sambo a lot more, and also to try Shinjido with Danny Dacosta. This art I feel has so much to offer.

However the big plan is to run the first Masac Foundation course for Instructors. Many of you are interested in the idea of Masac and what is it all about so I thought I would give you an early indication to wet the appetite. When I first started to teach Masac it was a Ju Jitsu system. Myself and co founder Georgi Georgiev were appealing to the masses however it wasnt right. It didnt resemble what I know is real violence. So we closed shop so to speak and I went to the drawing board.


I looked at my 16 years experience of real violence and martial arts. I then took street violence and reverse engineered them to create the new Masac. OK it sounds good but what is it all about really? Well Masac is all about defending against real violence, nothing more nothing else. As a result it doesn’t look like any other art out there. The ground movements best resemble the fast action of Sambo due to the influence of Georgi Georgiev however, the rest of the system is totally unique and I believe will blow people away as it is based on my knowledge of real violence. It is all about survival and escape not tapping and not points decisions.

The foundation instructors programme will look at the core elements that make up Masac but here is a brief tour.

Striking- Masac employs a devastating striking system using core strikes, and a new blow I call the sweep kick.

Projections- Masac has a unusual system of throws and projections, these will send your foes flying in the air. Think Aikido and Judo mixed.

Grappling- The system has a great grappling method that combines Judo, Sambo and many other arts.


The end result is a very brutal art. However the skills are one thing, the training method used is entirely another. I have created a way of teaching Masac that will leave students wanting more each week. It is a process that will take the non experienced to very capable in months not years. It will see vast changes to an individual in weeks not months.

Thats all Im sharing right now but trust me Masac is my greatest martial arts achievement and you will love it. 2012 will see the launch of MASAC. Ill be in touch with much more information.

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