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The Tour Begins 2012

January 16, 2012

Hello and before we continue on our free journey on awareness I wanted to inform you about the start of my 2012 teaching tour. It kicked off at PH Defence which is the Self Defence System of Paul Horrobin and also features the regular training from rising RBSD talent Josh Nixon of CSPS both located in Stockton Brook, Staffordshire  at a local church hall.

This class is a small but effective
group of various ages that teaches combative skills with a kung fu theme so to be asked to teach at the club was a genuine honour.

Teaching Reality Based Self Defence is in my opinion the hardest thing any teacher can do. That is because the subject is so vast it becomes a real challenge to condense this subject and especially to different ages. Different ages and sexes will face different problems when it comes to violence. The 12 years old male will not face the same threats as a 25 year old female. So this in itself becomes a real issue when deciding on the correct curriculum.

I taught this class on their weekly Friday slot at 7pm on 13/1/2012 and the group was keen and ready to learn. A testament to the club as the behaviour of the group was excellent and focused throughout. This is simply due to the weekly class and the relationship the teachers have with their students. Respect and discipline feature heavily here and it shows with such a great group.

I decided to go with what I call my ‘Growth Session’. This is simply a taster of various skills that the class can revisit in the weeks ahead. It is about trying something new. In many ways I liken this to a buffet where you get to try foods you haven’t had before. That being said my growth sessions are still purely based in reality. Many of the techniques feature on the new Masac Syllabus due out soon

I started the session with looking at the High Guard which is seen in Keysi Fighting Method as the Pensador and has its roots in several other arts including boxing.  This was  then pressure tested using pad work. Moving on to the street ‘Get Up’ and defence on the floor along with some Monkey Climbing Drills. We then spent some time discussing the Six leverage points of control. This is key to Masac and features along with a series of other concepts however if you understand the 6 areas of control then you will increase your ability to protect yourself.

A lot of the session was then spent looking at the ‘street Half’ This dynamic position is designed to be used when you fall on the floor and your opponent is on top. Too often the general theme is to teach full BJJ Guard as seen in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. However I find this position fixes you to the opponent and makes you vulnerable. In real life violent encounters you must aim to scramble as much as possible and not be in any fixed position. We looked as basic sweeps and the’ Stone Squirrel’

The session finished with some vertical grappling and a some look at the power slap and right hook. It was a packed two hours which hopefully ignited some new ideas and concepts to the group. Too often people feel real violence should be clean and very clear. The opposite is actually true. Real violence is messy, confusing and bewildering. As such your training should reflect this wherever possible. If your training feels too clean then it simply will be. Your training should be scrappy and messy. Yes, technique is required however the technique must come out of chaos. We all love training the strikes from standing and the grappling from on top. But are these really positions we see in reality. Yes but only for a few seconds. The truth is you must learn to grapple from every position and strike when things aren’t going your way. I have seen literally thousands of real life incidents. They always are the same. With only a handful of techniques used and they are very imperfect. This isn’t due to a lack of skill. It goes far deeper to include factors such as alcohol impairment, drugs, the environment, balance and even the type of shoes a person wears. You should aim for perfection however also train for chaos. Become inventive with your drills. There are no right and wrongs in self defence, its all about learning.

I am in the process of making major changes to my website the self defence and these will make the site bigger in every way. The next post will feature more on awareness as I continue the free series on how to use awareness to protect yourself. Until then take care and once again thanks to Josh Nixon and Paul Horrobin for being such great hosts at a great club.

Should anyone want to book me for a seminar or have me attend their class then please get in touch. I will train any clubs near to Stoke on Trent for free!!! However due to travelling issues then outside of this area there will be a small charge.

This was the first class of a 2012 Tour of Martial Arts clubs to promote my site, until next time remember, sign up for the newsletter. Great and free products are on their way. The new Grappling DVD is also nearly finished.


Until then take care and keep safe.


Oh and if you love grappling then check out The Grappling for great dvd, book and product reviews




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  1. It was our honour to have you over my friend. You were most welcome. All the best for your training and teaching from the CSPS and PHDefence!

  2. Excellent work, Andrew. Great to see others researching, experimenting and testing in the lesson. Best of all getting it written down and sharing it. Keep it going.

    Best wishes,
    Jamie Clubb – Clubb Chimera Martial Arts

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