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How To Create a Great Website for free in a matter of minutes

March 28, 2012

I’m no web developer or search engine specialist. I’m a martial artist and self defence instructor. However I have discovered a few tricks that could save you some money and I used these tricks to get to the first page of Google when I ran a  regular class.

The first step should be the reason you need a website. My advice is to have two. A personal site and a class site.

This gives you double the exposure. I have a paid for personal site at however you can do this free and I don’t believe it matters too much. There is also a cheap low cost method I will explain another time.

Your personal site can be important no matter your level, be it beginner or instructor. Use it to record your progress, share videos of your performance and more. However as an instructor its a place to showcase your skills and experience.

Your club site should contain enough information to allow someone to find you, contact you and know where you are and what you are about. If your teaching children perhaps you could display a child protection policy.

Ok so how do you do this, and how do you do this for free.

I personally use a service at This is my provider for which was actually before I got the domain. The webs service adds the webs bit on. However I don’t think its a major issue if you have a local business as we can get exposure later on.

The webs service allows you to create a free website in minutes using templates. It’s very easy and simple.

Your next step should be getting seen. As a local business your customers may either google local clubs to find you or actually google you from a leaflet etc so your first port of call should be google business. Get yourself Registered and on the map.

Next up its time to get business links. You can use a series of free websites to do this but ill save this for next time.

However if you want a free website with no hassle then get over to and have a play around. For those wanting more details ill be releasing them in a later post covering such things as getting a domain, writing blogs, WordPress, website development, getting to the top of google and more.

Until next time
Keep safe.

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