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Pro Boxing Coaches Top Ten Tips for Developing Power Punches- KO video included

April 3, 2012

Hi Folks this post is a great guest post from my father and pro boxing coach Neil Holland. He has coached amateurs and professionals (including champions in both categories), been a Inspector for the boxing board of control and been a boxing journalist, in short he has been around boxing since he was 17 and now he is nearing 60 he is sharing his knowledge for free here, he has mixed with and coached national champions and great boxers. This is a great post and there are more coming soon. Check out the great knock out video at the bottom as well.


1. Improve and work on defence.

Why? This will give you more opportunities and better positions.


2. Improve your footwork

Why. This will compliment your defence and improve your striking positions.


3. Use weights to train for speed not muscle. (Less weight, more reps, in shorter times)

Why? Muscle strength dissipates with muscle fatigue. Correct whole-body mechanics delivers power more through technique than strength and is still there during fatigue.

4. Practise punching that involves rotation of the body.

Why? This generates good technique that feeds off good speed and footwork.


5. Concentrate on fitness and conditioning.

Why? Believe me everything in performance comes off the back of this.


6. Learn the difference between pulled punches and driven punches.

Why? Pulled punches follow the commitment of the body direction. The body weight pulls the punch through and accelerates it like a hammer thrower does. The driven punch uses the body weight to push the punch into the opponent. Both are much more powerful than arm punching alone.


7. Learn the difference between weight balanced evenly on both legs and weight transferred over the front leg or the back leg.

Why? This is a crucial sensation to master because it leads to small, fast and powerful shifts of body weight that enhance the punch. It seems an obvious skill but this subtle mastery is crucial to control of power involving timing.


8. Master timing. Learn to punch as the target moves towards you or onto any favoured shot. It will amplify the power you already have.

Why? It’s the car crash principle, the combining of the mass of two bodies plus their acceleration.

9. Lie on your back with shoulders flat on the floor and punch upwards.

Why? This will show you how power punching relies on body mechanics and is the best way to remind anyone that  simply jumping on the weights does not deliver best power. You will feel useless and robbed of nearly all power. Try it!

10. Get a good coach with a good analytical ability regarding technique.

Why. The sculptor Michelangelo  was once asked how he carved such beautiful sculptures. He said that he didn’t, he merely chipped away at the block of marble until the sculpture revealed itself……..You already have what God has given you. Find a good coach who can help you to blossom! It will not come in a weekend, but it WILL come if you work at it.

until next time keep safe

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