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The Bulgarian Smashing Machine- Georgi Georgiev

April 8, 2012

A few years ago I was getting lost, lost in martial arts that is.

I had done boxing for so long, done Vale Tudo and submission grappling to name but a few. I had done Judo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu but I was getting bored. I needed to have that spark lit again.

It was a chance discussion with another Judoka that led me to a small club run by Georgi Georgiev. He was a quiet man and of similar build to me so after a few warm up techniques we started to roll. Then it hit me. This guy was Elite level! He tossed me around like a rag doll and tapped me out at will. That was the first session of hundreds I have done with my now very good friend Georgi Georgiev.

I knew nothing about him when I first met him, but since that first session I have become humbled by this giant of grappling, and to be honest, shocked! His academy located in Congleton Cheshire should be packed out, however as this man is so humble few people know about him, he really doesn’t ever promote himself at all but trust me he is an amazing grappler and an amazing teacher. Even if you don’t trust me here are a few opinions you can be sure to trust.

“George Georgiev has done it again, showing his great knowledge of the sport. His gripping on the DVD is what the people in the sport as been waiting for! It’s a must of all grades to buy and try to improve their gripping”.- Steve Pullen . MBE 6th dan.

“Georges gripping skills are second to none and as a left handed fighter he is instantly in a dominant position to outgrip any right handed fighters…if you want to learn gripping from a master buy this video”.Steve Ravensroft former 5 times british champion

“I have been practicing with george for three years and everyone knows about my gripping skills! and george is one of only a few judoka that gives me trouble , his knowledge of gripping tactics is excellent, valuable tournament info,defo worth a look,”
nick kokotaylo 6th dan,LA,Olympics 1984.

These people know their stuff. Georgi is a former international Judo player and Bulgarian  National Champion in both Judo and Sambo.

Check out for more information about Georgi. He has  a new DVD out called The Grip Fighting Work Shop. This is just £10 and goes into the details of grip fighting for all Jacket sports such as BJJ and Judo etc. Georgi is in Cheshire so be sure to check him out and his academy at

Check out the trailer and Georgis videos below.

Keep safe

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